Verdict | Hoy Es El Dia | Shiver
split CD
Self X True Records | Retribution Network
This is a 3 way split, co-released by Self X True Records from Russia and Retribution Network from Japan. All 3 bands are into 90s vegan / straight edge music, inspired by the classics (Strife, Earth Crisis, Trial, Culture, Morning Again, Purification, Spirit Of Youth etc.).
Each band contributes with 3 songs; all of them being metallic / chugga chugga heavy hardcore.
Their music brings in my mind pictures of band members wearing XL NBA t-shirts and wristbands, while drawing big Xs in their hands, back in the days!
So, here's the lineup:
Verdict come from Moscow, Russia, and they demonstrate 90s metallic hardcore at its best, based on vegan / straight edge ethics. They have already released a demo CD and an awesome debut full length ('Constanta'), which was reviewed in this blog some months ago. Check out their myspace: www.myspace.com/xverdictx
Hoy Es El Dia ('today is the day', in english)come from Santiago, Chile. They remind me a lot of the mid/late 90s H8000 Belgium scene and bands like Congress. They have also released the MCD 'La humanidad siempra su propio fin' via Redencion Records (also home for En Mi Defensa, another awesome hardcore band from Chile). Their songs deal with social & political issues. www.myspace.com/hoyeseldiaxxx
Shiver from Japan is, in my opinion, the best band of the split. They've been around for some years, and I think they have released a demo & a split CD, even though I'm not 100% sure. Their style is 90s hardcore, as well, but influenced both by the 90s and the xCatalystx back catalogue (Seven Generations, Gather and the likes). Really cool band and one of the few vegan / straight edge bands that come from Japan. www.myspace.com/xxxshiverxxx
Cool split, cool artwork, lyrics in english included. Go and purchase it!