End Of A Year
You are beneath me CD / LP
Deathwish Inc.
The new End Of A Year is tremendous.
After a bunch of split 7"s with bands like Shook Ones, Adorno, Kids Explode, Red Tape Parade and more, plus 2 records, demos and 7"s, the band's 3rd full length
(and debut LP for Deathwish - they've released a 7" for them, too) is, undoubtedly, one of this year's highlights. 'You are beneath me' is End Of A Year's most mature and well-structured work till now.
The album includes 11 songs, titled after full names of actual people (authors, actors, writers etc.) as the band usually does.
Here we have a bunch of gems of powerful post - hardcore / punk, with a lot of DC (Dischord) emo influences. In fact, the band's name is an Embrace song from their 1987 record. For those that do not know Embrace; they were one of the emo-core pioneers, featuring Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat and 3 members of the historical band The Faith.
So, End Of A Year manage to compile their late 80s DC influences with modern post-hardcore music, adding a strong personal touch, especially in the vocals (you either love them or hate them), delivering an awesome record.
The artwork is minimal yet eye - catching, while the production rules.
Leave your close mind aside and go check out 'You are beneath me', it'll blow you away.