Ruined Families
Four wall freedom LP
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I can't be objective in this review, because, as you can figure out, Ruined Families' 'Four wall freedom' is WAK's new release.
So, Ruined Families is a brand new band from Athens, Greece. They were formed in late 2009 and they have already managed to play some shows in Greece, while, at the time being, they tour Europe, having played the legendary Fluff Fest and some other fests with Carpathian, Ruiner and the likes.
'Four Wall Freedom' was released in black vinyl by 4 DIY greek labels, 2 weeks ago. Moreover, the band released the record in a ltd edition tape format.
The album includes 8 songs of intense heavy, Deathwish style, hardcore, with a lot of screamo stitches. Bands that come in my mind are Cursed, Rise & Fall, Integrity, Have Heart, Orchid and Rorschach. Although this style is pretty famous in mainland Europe, it's something unique in Greece, so I dare to say that Ruined Families is maybe the only local band that plays this kind of music...
Lyricwise, the band deals with some personal issues, via a philosophical / poetic approach, which I like a lot.
All in all, this is an awesome record, even though I'm not objective enough, as I told ya.
I forgot to mention that the artwork kicks ass, featuring actual photos and an insane collage decorating the lyric insert.
Greek bands rarely release vinyls, especially LPs, so you have to support this album.