s/t 12"
Take It Back Records
Damn! This is an amazing record. I dare to say that Switzerland is back on the hardcore map with bands like Liferide, Animal Instinct, Deadverse, Unveil and the likes.
So, after the demise of Solid Ground (a huge & well-known Swiss band), Martin & Roman (both of them play in Animal Instinct, as well), started this band in order to explore some not so hyped territories of hardcore music. Emile from State Of Mind (a great hardcore band from The Netherlands) took the vocal duties and Liferide were born.
This 12" (featuring awesome artwork and limited to 300 copies) features their 5 songs, counting around 15 minutes, of crossover, NY influenced, hardcore music. I use the 'crossover' term not to refer to bands like DRI or Corrosion Of Conformity, but to show you that Liferide do not follow one specific genre.
In my humble opinion, this is the record that Leeway would release, if they exist nowadays. There's, also, a huge influence of Cro-Mags, Underdog and Maximum Penalty. Liferide delivers metal infused 80s hardcore, with a lot of solos, thrash metal riffs, breakdowns and clean vocals. There are not many bands playing this style of hardcore nowadays, so I really dig Liferide for doing this. I wish I had more songs to listen to...
Awesome. Take It Back is becoming one of my fav euro labels.