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Holy Roar | Blood & Biscuits
I quote the Holy Roar Records' description about the Gallops CD:
'Gallops are that beast that straddle rock music and dance music with the utmost taste without being a bag of shit for old people. They seamlessly blend organic and synthetic in an intelligent manner, without being obtuse or chinstrokingly dull. You can dance your fucking tits off (mate), but this is as much for headphone listening in a dark room as it is for festival dance-offs'.
I couldn't describe Gallops any better than this...
Woah! Gallops is an awesome band for the open-minded hardcore / punk kids.
They come from North Wales, UK, and this is their first release, as far as I know, consisting of 5 songs counting around 16 minutes.
They have managed to get all the attention from the press, whether it's NME or an underground fanzine.
And how couldn't have they done this? Their awesome music can easily be heard by either post-rock fans, Mogwai / God Speed You Black Emperor! / Fugazi fanatics, stadium rock -a la Queens Of The Stone Age- lovers or indie / alternative (check out the British band Foals, they rule!) scenesters.
The digipack case and the artwork rules, as well.
Gallops is the new big thing coming from UK, trust me.