demo CD
self - released
Sundowning is an awesome brand new hardcore band from Germany.
This is their first demo ever and it includes 3 songs, an intro and an outro.
Their style can be described as a mixture of Rise & Fall / Cursed with Holy Terror (that means mainly Integrity) influences. I can draw comparisons with another band from Germany called Goldust (check them out if you haven't already, they will kick your ass) and Worms Feed from Belgium.
Dark yet melodic hardcore, with mid-tempo atmospheric parts, some post-hardcore stitches and melancholy floating around.
The lyrics are personal and, I dare to say, a bit pessimistic.
If you are into the Deatwish roster or bands like Cursed / Integrity / Amen Ra, you'll love Sundowning.
The production is great, while the artwork consists of a screen-printed paper with a great design.
It's very important that new bands that rule, as Sundowning do, get involved in the scene.
Sundowning have already shared the stage with Throats, Trash Talk, Oathbreaker, This Is Hell, Grave Maker and the likes, for those who care.

By the way, it seems that this dark / atmospheric metallic hardcore scene is getting way too big nowadays. Is it the new hype or what? Only time will tell...