Abolicion / Martir
split CD
Reusa Records
This is the first release of a new vegan / straight edge hardcore label, based in Chile.
Both bands sharing the split come from Chile and they are into 90s vegan / straight edge hardcore music, as well. The bands are strongly outspoken considering political issues, as you can figure out by just taking a look at the cover or clicking on the links they offer in their myspace sites, and as I can figure out by trying to read the lyrics (even though all lyrics are in spanish language, and my spanish sucks...).
Each band contributes with 3 songs. I dare to say that I like more the Martir side, which is mostly influenced by bands like Strife, Downset, Earth Crisis and the likes. But Abolicion rules as well, being less metallic and faster. They draw influences from bands like Trial and the likes, plus from 00s bands like Bane.
Fans from 90s straight edge hardcore will love this.
Moreover, it's a great chance to get in touch with Chile's hardcore scene, since both bands seem to be very active in their local scene.
Don't hesitate to get this from our distro, word.