Fields Of Locust
Subtopia CD
Self - released
Michalis (guitars / vocalist of Fields Of Locust) recently took the vocalis duties for I Want You Dead, and that's how I firstly got in touch with his band. Plus, he was kind enough to send me a free copy of their brand new full length CD to review in this blog.
Fields Of Locust come from Patras, and as they claim in their myspace profile 'they had just started jamming when the drugs began to take hold...'. So, due to the magnificence (sic) of the openmindness (sic as hell) of this strongly affiliated to straight edge blog, I decided to give this a try... And gosh, I did well!
'Subtopia' is one of the best records that was released in our country the last couple of years, for sure. And I do not exaggerate at all.
Fields Of Locust offer 6 songs of slow post-hardcore / metal, lasting around 50 minutes. Throw in the blender Pelican, Isis and Red Sparowes and you get the deal!
Their music is mostly instrumental, but there are some growls / screams thrown into every now & then.
The production is amazingly tight, while the CD comes in an awesome digipack case, featuring fantastic artwork by Ultra Grim Disign and a photo by Diastro photography (both of I Want You Dead fame). It also includes the lyrics.
Get this for just 4 euros from the band / support your local scene!