The Smashrooms
Questions 7"
Epidemic Records
'I set new questions to each answer'...
That's the motto that The Smashrooms demonstrate in their brand new, yet unreleased, 7".
I know Gab (singer / guitarist of the band) since a couple of years now and I have to state that he is undoubtedly one of the most sincere and dedicated hardcore kids in Italy right now...
The Smashrooms have progressed a lot since their CD 'Rest In War', that World's Appreciated Kitsch co-produced in 2007. They even got more mature than their last 7", called ' The Wind Of Tomorrow", which was released last year.
'Questions' is a fucking awesome piece of modern yet roots based passionate hardcore.
To make it clear; they are not the best musicians in the world nor Gab has the best voice among the hardcore singers, but who fucking cares about this dude/tte? Are you serious?
The Smashrooms are all about passion, intensity, energy and message-spreading. This is dedication. This is hardcore. Or at least my perspective of hardcore.
Want me to label them? Well, Trial will be proud of The Smashrooms, nothing more & nothing less. The Smashrooms infiltrate the 90s sound via a modern touch, delivering music fueled with melodic guitar riffs and vocals that sometimes sound desperate.
Also, there's a melancholic feeling floating in the air and I really like this, it fits my mood as hell nowadays...
Lyricwise, the band touches mainly social and political issues. But they do it in such a way that they do not preach at all. They do it an a refreshing way, questioning aspects of reality, while proposing positive solutions. Their lyrics are just thought - provoking, not political hardcore sermons.
That's all I guess. A! And I really like the black & white cover, designed once again by Death & Taxes Designworks.
Fans of 90s DIY hardcore or new kids wearing Bane & Ignite t-shirts, expose yourselves to The Smashrooms. Fuck the hype. This is underground.