Flawless Victory
Freedom MCD
Threat Records
'The only true friend stabs you in the back' - Oscar Wild

Flawless Victory was an awesome straight edge hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.
And I use past tense because I just figured out that the band called it quits a couple of months ago. This is a shame... But I feel ashamed because once more a CD from a band that existed when I got their material, does not exist now that I'm writing the review. Lazy asshole?!
So, 'Freedom' includes 6 songs of modern straight edge hardcore music in the vein of Champion, American Nightmare, Verse & Have Heart. There are also some old school touches and 88 straight edge stuff (Chain Of Strength as usual).
Everything's intense and passionate here, you can get the vibes immediately!
The lyrics are personal yet positive enough, but nothing to do with stupid ultra-positive cliches. There's the straight edge aspect represented too, of course.
Spitfire from Ray (another awesome Moscow hardcore band that I was lucky enough to watch them tear the stage apart in Fluff fest 2009) offers guest vocals.
I definitely dig the artwork, especially the photo that they used for the cover, it's both hopeful and melancholic, but it's 'strong' enough. There's a mini poster included in the packaging, as well.
Get your copy from our distro, there are a couple of CDs left as far as I know...