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How awesome a band can be when one of their songs is entitled 'Holden Caulfield Sucks Hard'?
Just to let you know, Holden Caulfield is the main fictional character, the protagonist of J.D. Salinger's 1951 novel 'The Catcher In The Rye'. He is a 16 years old kid, pissed off about everything and wants to leave his college, his home, everything, in order to travel to the world and chase his personal dream. The novel is amazing, I read it less than a month ago, and it became one of my favs.
Enough with Holden! Let's get back to Undercurrents.
Without exaggerating, Undercurrents is one of the best European bands I've listened to since years. They were formed in 2009, after the demise of a cool straight edge band of their area called Clearsight, and this self-titled digipack MCD is their first release ever.
I forgot to tell you that Undercurrents come from Kiev, Ukraine...
So, the CD includes 7 songs of emo / punk rock music, not unlike Lifetime, Dag Nasty, Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music. They equally love Earth Crisis and Taking Back Sunday, as they state in their myspace bio, while they wanna play like Sense Field. Some of them love Metallica, some others NOFX and even... Lady Gaga, but dudes/dudettes believe me, the guys kick ass hard. Period.
Emo / pop punk at its best, with no fake melancholy or shitty cliche tunes.
It's awesome.
Also, it's a pity that half of the members of Undercurrents gave up after the release of the MCD, so right now the band is on an undefined hiatus.