Norte Cartel
Fiel a tradicao CD
Seven Eight Life | Caustic Recordings
Norte Cartel is a new band from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, fronted by Felipe Chehuan of Confronto fame. For those who don't know Confronto, they are one of the biggest hardcore acts from Brazil, constantly touring the world. They were featured inside the latest issue of Keep It Real, as well.
'Fiel a tradicao' (translated as: loyal to tradition) is their first full length album featuring 13 songs of heavy metallic hardcore music, fueled with tons of NYHC stuff. Bands like Biohazard, Madball , Sick Of It All, Breakdown and Wisdom In Chains have influenced Norte Cartel.
They even have a 6,5 minute hip hop song in the middle of the record...
To be honest, this kind of hardcore is not my cup of tea and it bores me to death to listen to all 13 songs in a row. I dunno, but this music seems so predictable nowadays; the same beatdowns, fast parts, gang vocals; nothing ground-breaking at all.
Moreover, all this crew / tough guy mentality has nothing to offer to me; I've listened thousands of times songs about friendship, faith, family, whatever... Enough is enough.
I cannot judge Norte Cartel, though, because if this is their life, they have to live it. I can assume that life in Rio De Janeiro is harder than Europe, so I'm not the one to critisize the band's attitude.
They are not too bad musically, as well, but I definitely enjoy listening to Confronto much more than them.
There's a copy left in our distro, if you dig this style, let us know.