La Miseria De Tu Rostro
Savia 12"
Depraved & Devilish | Inhumano | Corrosion Cerebral
A good guy called Carlos from Switzerland, with origins inChile (owner of Inhumano Records) , sent me the new La Miseria De Tu Rostro (it means something like 'the misery in your face') record along with some other stuff from Chile, that will get a review sooner or later.
'Savia' was co-produced with Depraved & Devilish from Germany (Los Dolares, Sin Apoyo, Apatia No etc.) and Corrosion Cerebral from Spain (Repulsione, Disturbance Project, Autonomia etc.) in a fantastic colored (white splattered with green) LP, that comes in an awesome packaging, with great drawings and a poster with the lyrics / translations / explanations, as well.
So, La Miseria De Tu Rostro come from Santiago, Chile, and they are active since the early 00s. They have also released 2 more CDs, a tape and a split with Indexterity from Brazil. 'Savia' is also available in CD format by Seven Eight Life in collaboration with other DIY labels.
The record includes 8 songs, plus 2 preludes, of modern melodic yet chaotic metallic hardcore, drawing influences from bands like 108, Shai Hulud and Tragedy. The band manages to mix all those influences and different genres in a solid piece of metallic hardcore with a personal twist, that has nothing to do with the fucked up metalcore clowns / clones.
Their lyrics deal mostly with social and political subjects, like the majority of the DIY hardcore / punk bands from South America. I really like this aspect, because it seems that in South America the bands do not forget the political part of hardcore movement.
All in all, this is a great hardcore record that fans of modern hardcore should get.