6 more reasons to hate us MCD
Pee Records
Silverback's first MCD is one of the newest releases of the Australian label Pee Records.
The band comes from Sydney and as far as I can figure out they are young hardcore kids that enjoy playing metallic hardcore music.
'6 more reasons to hate us' includes, obviously, 6 songs of modern metallic hardcore in the vein of Terror, Cruel Hand and Hatebreed. You know the deal, I guess.
Beatdowns, fast parts, brutal vocals.
Lyricwise, they are a bit naive, in my humble opinion. They mix lyrics for antichrist with x'd up fists, frustration with mind mutilation...
They do not reinvent the wheel, but they seem sincere and dedicated.
The production is ace, while the artwork is nice, even though I'd prefer something more simple and straight to the point.
Check'em out!