En Mi Defensa
Un sitio bajo el sol CD
Redencion Records
One more band from Chile is reviewed in our blog.
It seems that South America is a volcano exploding hardcore music nowadays (sic)!
I know En Mi Defensa since a couple of years, they're a well known band in Santiago (they exist since 2003), so I knew what to expect!
Their new record includes 7 songs + 2 interludes of intense, energetic and passionate modern hardcore music, influenced by the good ol' days, of course.
Bands like Verse, Bane and Have Heart come in my mind, while they have their old school / youth crew moments (see Chain Of Strength and Insted), as well.
The band is very tight and their songs well structured, so I really enjoyed 'Un sitio bajo el sol' (translating into something like 'a place under the sun'. It's a short record not to bore me at all.
Also, I'd like to mention that the artwork and the booklet are very nice. There are 20 pages including lyrics, photos and some articles, but, unfortunately, everything is in Portuguese, so I can only understand a few phrases and words (my spanish are almost dead, though). The band seems to be political engaged, as far as I can figure out.
Well done!