Rise From The Agony
Shadows and ghosts CD
Epidemic Records | PPH Records
I got Rise From The Agony's new (and first full length) album by Gab, the guy behind Epidemic Records, that released 'Shadows and ghosts'. Gab is also playing in The Smashrooms, for those who care. Usually, Epidemic Records release quality stuff (like the latest album of Plague Mass), so I was excited when I got this new release.
So, Rise From The Agony come from Rome and they play since 2007. They have already released a demo CD, so it was time to unleash their debut.
'Shadows and ghosts' features 13 songs (a prologue & an epilogue included) of modern heavy hardcore, the classic Italian style, that bands like To Ed Gein, Golden Violence and Plakaggio HC play. This means fast yet melodic technical metallic hardcore, drawing influences by bands like Strife and Earth Crisis. They have added a bit of melancholy in their tunes, as well, bringing in mind some special Tragedy parts, while there's an Ensign touch, as well, as they claim in the press release.
The production is superb, very tight and clean, even though I do not like the drum sound a lot, because it sounds like a drum machine; maybe it's overtriggered or something. Otherwise, the production rules. The artwork / booklet is great, including hand-written lyrics, which deal with social / personal stuff.
All in all, a nice record; check it out!