Hypnopaedia 7"
Take It Back Records | Start A Fire Records
'The culmination of creation. This short-living individual desires nothing but pleasure. The death-shadow of our selfish existence will burn this earth to ashes'. ('Cosmic Drama').
Unveil is a vegan / straight edge hardcore band from Switzerland.
This is their 2nd 7", following 'Destruction wherever I go' that was released in 2009.
'Hypnopaedia' includes 4 songs, lasting around 10 minutes, of 90s political straight edge hardcore, with influences varying from Trial and Strife to Unbroken and Morning Again.
Unveil's music is so intense that actually reminds me the aforementioned bands.
Moreover, the production is tight and heavy, helping them to expose their skills.
Lyricwise, they deal with topics such as pressure, losing hope and against national pride.
Very nice lyrics, sometimes you think that you are reading an essay!
I strongly recommend this vinyl to anyone into the golden decade of the 90s.
The 7" was released by the German / Swiss label Take It Back Records (also home for Beggars & Gentry, Animal Instinct, Liferide, Foreseen etc.) in collaboration with Start A Fire Records (Plague Mass, Sink Or Swim etc.), based in Bremen / Germany.
Get this record wherever you find it.