Your entropia has arrived CD
limited promo | self-released
This is a review of a greek metal / hardcore release and I'm really happy about it because releases from local bands are rare...
So, Psycorepaths come from Corfu, a really nice island located in the Ionian islands, north-west Greece, and they exist since 2004. I've heard some of their earliest songs / demos and I have to admit that I didn't like them at all, but 'Your entropia has arrived' has nothing to do with Psycorepaths' past.
The band has improved a lot and their songs are well-stuctured and tight. Unfortunately, the promo includes only 3 songs, so I cannot form a safe opinion. I'd like to have more songs to listen to.
The band's style is metalcore / deathcore / beatdown hardcore with some nu-metal and even Pantera influences, but there's a uniqueness that separates them from the metalcore flow. I think that they are closest to deathcore than metalcore, with their vocalist pushing them in this direction. Talking about the vocals, they are a bit weird sometimes or maybe they are over-produced, I dunno...
Their lyrics are socio-political, dealing with earth pollution, against drugs and big companies. I'd like them more if they were a bit more thought-provoking.
Last but not least, I have to mention that the artwork is really nice, done by Jon Demise.
All in all, a very cool release; Psycorepaths did their best.
Get it, it costs only 2 bucks, as far as I know.