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Seven Eight Life Recordings
It seems that our blog is overcrowded by South American hardcore records the last couple of months! 562 is a new band from Santiago, Chile, and this is their debut MCD including 6 songs and released by the well-known label Seven Eight Life. For those who are not aware with 78 Life, they are active since 1998, having released records by bands like Asunto, Birds Of A Feather, New Winds, Questions, Nueva Etica, Some Kind Of Hate and tons more. Not bad at all eh?!
So, back to 562; they consist of members and ex-members of In Our Hearts, R.E.O. and My Own Path and they exist since 2008.
They sing in their native language and they unleash a furious style of modern hardcore, not unlike Down To Nothing and Bane. Their music is sheer and intense enough to make you mosh yourself in your 4 walls room. Hard.
Check this out. Hardcore extends beyond the white-collar scenes of mainland Europe and USA.