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Jackals is one of the best hardcore bands nowadays, based in the United Kingdom.
They come from Norwich and this is their first release ever, which inludes 6 songs of awesome fast yet technical hardcore / powerviolence, infused with rock 'n' roll elements.
This shit reminds me of the 90s hardcore scene and bands like Rorschach. There are hints of modern twisted hardcore, as well, with Throats being a main influence for Jackals.
This record is so intense and brutal that will grab you from the throat and force you to delve into its magnificence.
Jackals feature members of Maths and Dorian Gay.
The 7" is limited in 300 copies, with screen-printed covers and grey / green vinyls.
I dunno if there are any copies available...
4 of the best UK hardcore labels co-released it, though.
Sly The Bear from Germany released this in tape format (in an awesome, fucking awesome packaging), limited in 50 copies. If you have any idea where I can find one, email me.