Desinence Mortification / Giht Shasie
split CD
Hyperion | Guranje S Litice
This is one of the rare times we review a non-hardcore/punk album in this blog.
Actually this is a grind / grindcore release between 2 bands based in Croatia.
My friend Igor, who runs Guranje S Litice Records (also home for Man Zero, Nesseria etc.), was kind enough to ship me a copy of the Desinence Mortification / Giht Shasie CD, that was released a couple of months ago.
So, Desinence Mortification exist since 1993, impressive eh? They are one of the longest lastin Croatian grindcore bands. They offer 23 songs of old school grindcore, covering eras of all their history (album 2009, demo 2001, live recordings from 1995). Fans of Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and Napalm Death will love them.
On the other side, Giht Shasie play a weird kind of experimental / electronic grindcore (with a touch of dadaism, as they claim), that sometimes will remind you of The Locust and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. They deliver 18 songs, from 2005-2010, including a bunch of remixes...!
Cool split, sick artwork / amazing cover, fans of grind / grindcore check it out!