Lucky Funeral
The dirty history of mankind LP
Venerate Industries | Athens Noise
The new Lucky Funeral LP (and their 2nd full length) is a fucking fucking fucking blast.
All of you know that this kind of music is not exactly my cup of tea, and to be honest I was not expecting something so huge, tight and unique... But this piece of wax blowed my mind... I'm not kidding at all... This is for sure one of the best records ever released in Greece, concerning all the aspects of extreme music.
'The dirty history of mankind' includes 11 songs of relentless heavy music, drawing influences from sludge, rock 'n' roll, hardcore / punk etc. All the songs are so well-structured and heavily produced that you want to smash your head in the wall when listening to the whole record. Btw, you have to listen to the whole record 2-3 times in a row in order to get to the point of everything; every time you listen it you'll discover more fucking quality parts. Yeap, do it.
There are some special guests in the record, as well, if you care... Demon (ex-Endsight) offers guest vocals in the first song 'Am I sick to die?' (which fucking rules by the way), for example. He has also designed the whole cover / artwork that comes in a gatefold cover with a poster inside and colored vinyl.
2 friends and affiliated labels released this masterpiece; Athens Noise and Venerate Industries. The LP is limited to 500 copies, while the CD format was released the previous week by the French label Trendkill Recordings (also home for Nesseria, Celeste, Candiria, We Are The Romans and more).
Lucky Funeral just returned from their one-month euro tour in order to promote the record.
Since their inception (back in 2007) have managed to play over 100 shows in Greece and Europe, quite impressive...
Buy this record, the guys deserve it. You deserve it.