My Own Voice
A perpetual state of revolution CD
World's Appreciated Kitsch along w/ the DIY conspiracy
"But I don't want comfort... I want poetry, I want real danger, I want freedom, I want goodness, I want sin. "In fact", said Mustapha Mond, "you're claiming the right to be unhappy." All right then", said the Savage defiantly, "I'm claiming the right to be unhappy". - Aldous Haxley (Brave New World)

This is WAK024 (that means that this is our new release, wake up!), so there's no way plus it makes no sense to be objective; I won't even try to write a proper review, I'd rather offer you a presentation of this release.
Here we go. My Own Voice come from Milan, Italy and they exist for almost a decade now... They have released 2 more records ('Dinner of the ashes' - 2003 and 'De Ira' - 2006), which I may have reviewed somewhere sometime, I dunno... I have them in my collection, though.
The new album of MOV includes 14 songs of very tight and well-produced fast and pissed off metallic hardcore. They draw influences from a wide variety of bands, including Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid and Bane, but they have, also, absord the Italian hardcore style that bands like Straight Opposition demonstrate / represent. Talking about Straight Opposition, Ivan (their vocalist and very nice guy, also co-owner of Indelirium Records) appears as a special guest in one of the best songs of the album, called 'Anthem'.
As I mentioned above, the record is tight and the production is huge. The guys did the mastering at West West Side Music Studio in NY (Alan Douches is responsible for it, he has worked with almost every major metal / hardcore / punk rock band that is around), and this helped them a lot to unleash their compositions in the best way.
The artwork features a painting of the French Revolution, while the 8-page booklet is simple yet cool, including the lyrics and some explanations / quotes (one of them is stated in the top of this review) / personal thoughts about them. I must mention that the lyrics are great; they deal with issues like society, misconception of culture, aristocracy, disintegrating the state, pro-different, supporting womyn, anti-slavery, anti-racism etc. All songs are in english language except of the last one 'Peana', that is sung in Italian.
The record is produced by our precious label along with Gwynplaine Records, Rock Out Fascism, Cantinetta Records, Here And Now, High Voltage, Nuoro Hardcore Autoproduzzioni, Velocie Furiosi and Beggar God Records; all of them based in Italy, as far as I can figure out.
If you want a copy, you can get it from our distro. Don't hesitate to ask!