Modern world is dead 7"
Combat Rock Industry
I still remember the day I got Wasted's 'Can't wash off the stains' 10" from a local record store in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), back in early 2005, almost 6 years ago... There was a smile drawed in my face. Actually, I think it was one of my first 10"s!
I had the chance to watch them live in Finland (the country they come from) last May, as well, during the Combat Rock Industry's 10-year anniversary show.
So, here we have Wasted's new 7" including 4 brand new quality songs in the distinctive yet unique Wasted style. For those that do not know, Wasted come from Helsinki / Tampere (Finland) and they exist since 1996, having released a lot of records in various labels; Combat Rock (Finland), Boss Tuneage (UK / Japan), Trujaca Fala (Poland), Scene Police (Germany) and Twisted Chords (Germany), among them.
They play rock 'n' roll infused street punk music, and they maintain this style in their new 7", as well.
So, the news songs are fucking gems. I really love the first song of A-Side, 'Modern world is dead', while the rest are catchy as hell, too.
This 7" was released a couple of months ago, so it's still pretty fresh!
Don't miss this. It will save your day!
Ah, and by the way, 2 Wasted members also play in I Walk The Line, along with 2 Manifesto Jukebox members...

Fear is the worst enemy, it will lead you astray
Fear is the worst enemy, it strays you from your way