IWYD tour update

Day 3_28.12:
So, now here we are at Niki's house, abusing his wifi and writing this piece of shit.
Niki cooked some pasta with soya meat for us. He's the best.
The show tonight will be a blast.
Tomorrow we have a long and difficult drive to Craiova, Romania.
P.S. We just learned that a squat in Patras got evacuated. We send our solidarity.

Day 2_27.12:
We started the trip at 8.30 in the morning with almost no sleep at all, but with positive energy surrounding us. At 15.30 we ran out of gas outside Thessaloniki, damn. The 2 Jimmys walked 1-2 kilometres and bought some litres of gas in order to make the car move till the next gas station.
At almost the same time, I got a text from the Kumanovo guy telling me that 'he was afraid but the show got cancelled because the club was closed'... We felt cursed. Yeap.
So, we decided to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria. I called Niki (our mate there) and he was ok to host us for one extra night. At least we needed some decent sleep / rest.
We arrived at Sofia at around 21.30; 13 hours driving dude/tte. But before arriving in Sofia's centre we had some more 'little' problems...
60 km before Sofia the road was full of snow and a bit slippery, so we had to drive extremely carefully with 40/50km per hour. After a while, we got more anxious because the snow rates were increasing and we thought that it may be a good idea to put some car chains... 45 minutes freezing in the road and we did not manage to make it happen, haha, so we started the trip again and we finally made it downtown.
Then Vili and Svetoslav (awesome guys) met us and we went to a really cosy restaurant to eat and hang out for a couple of hours, waiting for Niki to pick us up.
At around 2 o'clock in the morning we eventually got some sleep.

Listening in the van: Laurin Hill, Kvelertak, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Reversal Of Man, Agalloch.

Day 1_26.12:
The show in Athens got cancelled a couple of hours before the soundcheck was about to start.
Lots of kilometres driven and money lost. After all, we crashed at my place in downtown Athens with a bitter taste in our mouths.
I'm still pissed off about this situation, though. It wasn't the first time that this kind of fucked up things happen at shows. Nevermind.