Day 3_28.12 (continue):
Great show, nice people (incl. some crazy and some not too nice ones, too).
FAYD and SDX played before IWYD, cool bands. FAYD covered Ceremony as well.
IWYD played a hell of a show; I really enjoyed their set, I dare to say it was their best gig with the new singer.
It's almost -10 degrees outside, but we are warm in Niki's house.

It's 00.30 and we are about to wake up at 8 to start the trip to Craiova, Romania.
The road is fucked up, as they told us.

1. Walking and moaning for an hour in the city centre in order to find a fucking cable.
2. The rock star member of 'Factor' (owner of a music store where we finally found that cable), who was kind enough to give us a CD and a DVD feat. the history of his band, for free.

Here's a photo that Jim ('o veniamin') took from Sofia's streets, click to enlarge:

And here's the poster of tomorrow's show, click to enlarge, as well: