Day 5_30.12:
We entered Cluj Napoca (it's located in the north Romania, you know Transylvania right?!) after 6 hours of driving. I thought that the roads and the whole driving would be much harder, but it was OK. Most of the time the weather was sunny (even though the temperature was between -9 and -13 degrees) and we had a good time in the van.
I'm typing this from Alec and Mate's house in Cluj's suburbs. The guys here offer us a great hospitality (we just ate delicious food including rice and soya meatballs!). There are 7-8 guys from Bucharest joining us for tonight. We also have 2 lovely cats (Doris and Boris) as companions! The time is 18.00 and the soundcheck is in an hour.
We'll update the blog later tonight or tomorrow.
We are all fine, just so you know.

Here's the poster for tonight's show (Doris is featured in it as well!):

Van essentials: The Roots, Faktor, Shora, Rage Against The Machine, Rancid / NOFX, Tragedy, Epithanatios Rogxos.

Day 4_29.12:

Started the trip at 9 in the morning, dealt with corrupted cops somewhere in Bulgaria (paid 70 euros instead of 210 that they firstly charged us; fuckers...), had a near death experience on the way to Craiova, Romania, driving through fog, snow and darkness and coping with maniacal drivers...
The Romania countryside is full of poverty after the IMF was imposed in the country years ago. This is very sad...
We reached the beautiful city called Craiova at around 20.00, after 11 hours of driving...
We went straight to the venue, where Bogdan (the local promoter) and some other awesome guys were waiting for us. Bogdan is the man; he fed us, gave us gas money, paid a hostel for us and organized a great show. We eternally thank him.
Around 40 kids showed up and joined the pit.
IWYD played well, even though the sound was a bit raw, but nevermind, it was a fucking hardcore show the way it should be.
We crashed in the hostel afterwards.

Van essentials: Miles Davis, Xasma, Ringworm, Laurin Hill, Death In June, Neurosis, System Of A Down.