Day 5_30.12 (continue):
The show was fucking rad.
I dare to say that tonight it was the best night we had on the tour till now.
The guys here are crazy; I rarely have so much fun in hardcore shows.
Stagedives, high-fives, circle-pits and positive energy. Amazing.
I wish the shows in Greece were something like this, but...
IWYD played goddamn tight and managed to trash the place up.
One more band played called Gicaxhagi, feat. Alec, the girl that hosts us here.
Great powerviolence with drum machine and hip hop samples!
My Turn, Vodka Juniors and Censored Sound songs were playing after the bands' sets!!!
Day 5 is ending with 20 people in one room smoking & drinking and 1 staring at the PC screen, ha...

Tomorrow we have a day off and, to be honest, we really need this. It's new year's eve after all...
Take good care of yourselves.