Enrico / Zillionaire
split 7"
Superfluous Records | Heartfelt Music
We hardly review indie / emo releases but in the case of this 7" we are definitely gonna make an exception. In fact, I have to say that we enjoy it better when we review quality indie / emocore / post-punk records than when we have to deal with and write some shit for mediocre so-boring-core bands following the same old cliches; you know beatdown, fast part, beatdown, fast part... So, send us over more quality stuff, nevermind the style!
The Enrico / Zillionaire split 7" comes in a ltd edition of 300 copies, incl. colored wax folded in screenprinted covers. As you can figure out, the packaging rules, so simple and so convenient!
A Side features Enrico from Germany, offering 2 songs that brings me in mind Free Yourself and Turbostaat. Emocore at its best, with a lot of indie / power-post-punk influences. I really dig their songs. They sing in German.
B Side belongs to Zillionaire, a band from Tampa, Florida. Their 5 minute long song is an indie rock elegy. Some will claim that this style is called slow-core, but I cannot find any -core in their stuff, and to be honest, I don't care if it's -core. It's good, though! 'New symbol' (the title of the song) is very melancholic and romantic, just to get prepared.
Nice split, if you find a copy grab it.