Killing The Dream
Lucky me CD
Deathwish Inc.
Killing The Dream just unleashed their 3rd opus. 'Lucky me' was released by Deathwish once again, and it is the most 'artistic' record that the band have ever released. This is not your typical metallic hardcore, not even your typical Deathwish-influenced dark and melacholic hardcore style.
Killing The Dream dare to add violins and clean vocals (by Kurt Travis - Dance Gavin Dance) in a couple of their songs. They dare to develop and progress even more than their latest album 'Fractures'. 'Lucky me' features 7 songs of melodic and -yeah why not?- melancholic and desperate modern hardcore music, taking influences (but just influences and nothing more) by bands like Bane, Rise & Fall and Comeback Kid.
I can foresee that all the new kids on the hardcore scene will worship this record, while the hardcore media will include it in their top records of 2010. And they won't be wrong.
Killing The Dream released a new masterpiece for the modern hardcore era.
From the artwork to lyrics, from the first till the last chord of the record, 'Lucky Me' is faultless.
Make a gift to yourself and get this record.