Unrestrained / Rebarker
split 7"
Superfluous Records
This is a new split wax between Vermont's (USA) Unrestrained and Magdeburgs' (Germany) Rebarker. It was released by the super cool hardcore label Superfluous Records, based in Germany. Btw, be sure to read more reviews for records released by Superfluous in this blog, in the future.
So, on A side of this fucking cute vinyl, that comes in a cut out paper and is limited in just 313 copies, we have Rebarker offering 6 songs of positively negative attitude music (as they name their style... fuck this is the name of our fest, as well, haha) in the vein of Trap Them and The Swarm. There are influences varying from screamo to power-violence Raw, violent and hopeless hardcore. Half of their songs are in english and half in german. I really like them, even though, to be honest, it's the first time I get in touch with their music.
B side features 2 new songs by Unrestrained. This is not the band that played in Greece last summer, though. Unrestrained come from Portland and they are into 90s hardcore and bands like Trial, 108, Undertow and Unbroken. Fucking great.
All in all, there's this 90s hardcore fill / spirit in the whole split that I really dig.
Go visit Superfluous' site and get a copy for you!