Indotto a camminare 12"
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One more record brought to you by the D.I.Y. conspiracy; that means that 12 D.I.Y. labels cooperated in order to produce this 45rpm piece of wax!
I got this record last Saturday while I was playing with my band in Milano. Attrito were playing as well and we met the guys that were nice enough to trade some of their stuff with ours.
So, Attrito come from Trento, Italy and they are very active in the local scene, playin' shows almost every weekend. They have also released a split 7" with another cool hardcore band from Trento, Congegno. Nice guys, as well.
'Indotto a camminare' comes in a clear vinyl and in a very nice packaging including an awesome cover and lyric sheet with the lyrics translated in english, since Attrito sing in their native language.
The record includes 8 songs of fast, in your face hardcore music, the Italian style.
I am not into the mood of writing down what bands come in my mind when listening to Attrito, and to be honest, their style is so Italian, that I cannot compare them with any other band that is not from Italy. Moreover, I have to state that I'm not the biggest fan of this style, because somehow the Italian lyrics don't fit well in my ears. It's not bad of course, but I dunno...
After all, the record is very good and it costs only 8 bucks, so better check it out yourself!