Travel Mind Syndrome
East acton to Saint Friday MCD
Catch The Soap Productions
OK, this is not either hardcore nor punk. But who cares after all? It's life.
Travel Mind Syndrome's debut long play record was released by good friends' label Catch The Soap Productions. In addition to this, I liked very much this cute piece of plastic, so I guess that I just answered to the PC* hardcore know-it-all jerks.
Travel Mind Syndrome come from Athens and they exist since 2006, delivering indie / power pop / alternative (call it whatever you want) music to the underground music community.
Recently they became bigger, with video-clips in Mad / MTV, and hipsters getting gathered in their festivities. Of course that this sucks, but their music kicks all the asses of the aforementioned.
If you are into bands like Foals, Interpol, Placebo (brrr), Muse and the likes, you'll definitely like Travel Mind Syndrome. If you are not into those bands, fuck it, you'll like Travel Mind Syndrome, as well.
My favorite song is 'Sex & drugs & rock 'n' roll', where the singer screams 'Sex & drugs & rock 'n' roll, sex & drugs & alcohol, are the best things in the world'. Crucify me!!!
And damn, the voice in song no.4 reminded me of Incubus (one of my fav bands back in my early youth).
Seriously, this record is awesome.
Seriously no.2, this review has nothing to do with the fucked up fucking fucking fucked up hype that dictates the hardcore / punk kids to listen to shitty indie / pop music just to claim their open-mindness. I'm sick of Morissey worship and The Smiths t-shirts, after all.
Hitler was a vegetarian, as well, why don't you wear a 'Mein Kampf' t-shirt?
Pfff... I'll take Sex Pistols' nihilism, instead.
And yeap, go listen to Travel Mind Syndrome!

*PC stands for Politically Correct, just so you know.