Empty Handed
Cold youth 12"
Black Heart Records
I know our memories can't separate us from the past. Maybe time brings someone like you. Maybe time could finally rescue me. Will this nightmare ever end? And will I get new hope to feel alive...

It's been a month since we last reviewed a record in this blog.
So, here we are to make amends...
I got this record while on tour with I Want You Dead. The guys played a show with Empty Handed at La Casa (Berlin). I had a small conversation with Hannes / Empty Handed's vocalist and he's a very active guy in Leipsig's (their hometown) scene, organizing shows and taking care of Black Heart Records.
Well, 'Cold Youth' is ltd in 150 copies in vinyl format, 25 copies in CDR and 25 ones in tape format. Unfortunately, the tape format got sold out the time that I was thinking that I should buy a tape...
'Cold Youth' includes 6 songs of very passionate hardcore fueled with emotional hints.
I really love this record, even though it depresses me a bit...
If you are into bands like Have Heart you'll enjoy this for sure.
Empty Handed have shared the stage with bands like Burn Alaska, La Dispute, Brutality Will Prevail, Reason To Care, Teamkiller and more.
They seem pretty dedicated in what they are doing and this is what matters the most to me.
Get in touch with them to get the record.