Day 11_05.01:
So, today we had a 5-hour drive from Berlin to Prague. Not bad at all. 5 hours is almost nothing compared to the 11-hour drives we did some days ago, hehe.
We arrived in Prague at around 18.00 and we picked up Pavel (the promoter) from his house and headed to Klub007 in Strahov area (it's like a working class district). Klub007 is a very nice venue that all the great hardcore / punk bands play where they come in Prague. I've been there once 1,5 years ago in the after Fluff fest matinee, so it was nice to visit the place again.
Unfortunately, Your Fucking Nightmare (Pavel's band) had to cancel their appearance because their drummer got sick. Bop (or something like this... a band featuring YFN's bassist) replaced them and delivered some nice fast thrashcore tunes.
IWYD played next and despite the technical problems (like the broken bass string), they played a cool show. Nothing special but definitely good. The sound was tight, as well. They played for only 20 minutes (excluding the covers and some other songs) because of those problems, though.
It was cool to see Unveil again since I seriously believe that they are an awesome
and professional band with a lot of potential. Great show once again.
The show ended around 22.00 o'clock and we are now literally crashing on Michael's (Pavel's friend) floor. As you can imagine the only sightseeing we managed to do was behind the van's windows and that's totally pathetic since Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole Europe. Next time we should get a day off here...
Tomorrow we have a long drive to Switzerland. IWYD play in GGS31 squat in Winthertur (a nice city located near Zurich). AmerBeton from France and Zeppo from Switzerland are sharing the stage with them.
It's around 700km to reach Switzerland from Prague, so we'll start the trip at 9 in the morning.
Gonna get some sleep.

Van essentials: Fall Of Efrafa, Skitsystem, Decapitated, O.S.T. Dead Man