Day 10_04.01:
The hostel crew violently woke us up at 12 o'clock since we were 2 hours late for the check out...
We left in a rush and headed to Kreuzberg district. After getting lost for a couple of hours and visiting Checkpoint Charlie area (like naive tourists), we found Oranienstrasse, where cool shops like Coretex Records and gallerie NGK are located, which we both visited.
It was already 5 o'clock so after an unsuccesful attempt to find a place to stay in Prague for the night, we decided to stay in Berlin and call Manolis to ask if he could host us. And he did!
The next hours we hanged out in his house in Neukolln area (located almost in the border of the west and the east side of Berlin). Moreover, 3 of the guys of the band cooked fucking delicious pasta for all of us to eat. Afterwards, Manolis, Ultra Grim and me visited a nearby pub and talked about weird stories of the past.
It's almost 4 o'clock in the morning; we have to woke up at 10 to start the dri
ve to Prague, Czech Republic. It's gonna be an awesome show tomorrow along with xUnveilx and Your Fucking Nightmare (Prague old school hardcore, I'm really excited to meet my friend Pavel; World's Appreciated Kitsch co-produced their vinyl, as well). Besides that, Prague is a beautiful city an I can't wait to see it again.
We had great time during our 3-day stay in Berlin and -especially tonight- I feel like we are on vacation and not a tour, even though sometimes the terms 'vacation' and 'tour' are hardly divided.
All the best.

P.S. Here's the poster for Prague's show: