Day 9_03.01:
Today was a pretty chilled out day since we had no driving at all.
We left La Casa around noon and then we drove straight to Berlin downtown, Warschauer strasse area. I forgot to write that we met 2 girls from Greece (IWYD's friends), Maria & Areti, so we are spending the time with them since last night. Nice.
So, we visited the Bis Auf Messer's record store, did some shopping and left some records and fanzines. Awesome place, you have to visit it if you haven't done this already.
Then we went to Yo Yo Fast Food; delicious vegan burgers and cosy atmosphere.
Cupcake Berlin (an awesome cafe) was next. Damn, vegan cakes rul
e; I wish we had such places in Greece...
We entered Koepi squat at around 20.00 and after setting up our merch / distro table and doin' the usual soundcheck, IWYD started to shred the place. In my opinion, this was the best show the guys played till now. I enjoyed their set a lot. Pretty proud of them.
Sandcreek Massacre from Holland played next and they fuucccking ruled, while Boredom from Austria (feat. Plague Mass members) played last in the row, delivering their crust / hc tunes to a packed to death Koma-F. I think that more than 100 people attended the show, which was amazing for a Monday show. If you've ever been in Koma-F, you should now that the place is tiny enough; now try to imagine it with 100-150 people inside...!
Some greek kids were in the show, as well. We were happy to meet Manolis from Athens and talk a bit with him.
It seems that Berlin is a great (and easy-going) city to live in.

So, I'm typing this from a hostel, it's almost 4 o'clock in the morning and we have to wake up in order to check out around 10 (the rest of the guys are sleeping right now), so 'nough said.
Tomorrow we have a day off. Maybe we'll stay in Berlin or we'll travel to Prague and spend the night there. We'll see.