This Time The Keys Are Broken
What about tomorrow MCD
True To The Game| Strong Heart
This Time The Keys Are Broken is a brand new band based in Thessaloniki, north Greece.
The band features members of the well-established local bands Funky Monkey and Eternal Hated.
They exist since a couple of months now and this is their debut demo / MCD, consisting of 4 songs. Their style can be described as a cool blend between melodic hardcore, modern hardcore / metal and punk rock. The Comeback Kid-esque scene has definitely influenced TTTKAB, but they manage to add some personal parts in their songs, as well.
I really like the clean vocals and the huge rhythm section, while the 2 shredding guitars produce melodic catchy riffs. The production is OK, but it could be better. I think that for a first demo it's awesome, though.
I dig their lyrics as well; they have that bittersweet taste & melancholic approach that the bands of their genre follow.
We should keep an eye on these guys, because they have the potential to become bigger.
They have already played 2 shows, but it seems that they will start playing more once soon.
The demo was released by the fellow labels True To The Game and Strong Heart, while it's proudly powered by WAK.