Call Off The Search
What doesn't kill us... MCD
Engineer | Pacific Ridge
Call Off The Search is a kinda new pop punk rock band hailing from Kent, UK and this record with the amazing cover (octopuses rule lately) is their first official release, put out by the well established labels Engineer Records from the UK and California's own Pacific Ridge Records.
The record includes 6 songs of passionate and melodic punk rock music, not unlike Four Year Strong, New Found Glory and Blink 182. There's a strong emo touch, as well, drawing influences by bands like The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate, Saves The Day and Jimmy Eat The World.
Their songwriting is great, and consequently Call Off The Search manage to create a record that won't bore you at all. On the contrary, all 6 songs are catchy enough to stick in your head and force you push the 'repeat' button after the record is over. The production rules, and I've already written that the cover is fucking cool!
Honestly, I do not anything else from a pop punk rock record, so I definitely dig this.
If you wanna listen to something mellow and give the chance to your stereo to take a break from the usual hardcore records you oppress it with, here you have Call Off The Search.
Well done.