Sun Of Nothing
The guilty of feeling alive LP / CD
Catch The Soap Productions
This is the new (and 3rd) Sun Of Nothing album. To be honest I was not expecting something soooo good from this band. The previous albums were great, of course, but none of them made me feel like this one did and does. I dare to say that this album is one of the best records ever released in the local extreme music shithole.
Drawing influences from a variety of styles including post-metal/hardcore, black metal, ambient, drone and progressive rock, Sun Of Nothing unleashes a masterpiece that can only be compared to bands like Amen Ra and Fall Of Efrafa.
'The guilty of feeling alive' is a melancholic elegy consisting of 5 songs lasting around 45 minutes. It's, also, the most suitable soundtrack for the grey metropolis we are living in, trying to add fuel to the fire that is slowly burning since some years now, and it's about to incinerate the entrails of this fucked up society that is waving the flag of 'no future', ruinating our dreams and burying our hopes.
Sun Of Nothing managed to create a landmark in the underground scene, putting the limits higher and showing that the local music's boundaries exist only in the close-mindness of the local wannabe scenesters.
Get this record asap. It's available in both digipack CD and colored vinyl formats.
Props to Catch The Soap for having the patience to cope with our caprices.