Corvus corax, corvus corone (Soul birds) 10''
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First of all, I really enjoy 10"s and it's a shame that I have only a bunch of them... I strongly believe that 10"s are a very convenient and beautiful way to release a mini LP or something. Yeap, more bands releasing 10"s now!
So, Niki from Sofia (proud owner of Ugly & Proud Records) sent me his latest release (co-produced by Demon Spawn, Deafcult and Zwarte Dood records, as well), the 4-song 10" by Belgium's new hardcore blood, called Allocation.
Allocation have already released a demo tape one year ago, and they have participated in the comp. 'This Is Belgium' (by Perspective Records; also feat. Oathbreaker, Black Haven, Sunpower, Unbreakable and A Strength Withing among others).
'Corvus corax, corvus corone' is their debut official release including 15 minutes of dark hardcore with a metallic twist, not unlike Carpathian, Pulling Teeth, Rise & Fall and of course the Holy Terror sons of Satan (Integrity, Ringworm, etc.).
There are a lot of melancholic tunes, plus a post-metal influence fueling their songs.
The lyrics are dark enough and - I dare to say - pessimistic (maybe misanthropic?), fitting with my mood nowadays (hehe!). 'Irons' is my favorite song, you have to listen to this; a 5min elegy...
demons + gods, I fail, I fear, I'm lost
demons + gods, I fail, I fear, I'm lost
The cover is dark, as well. I think that dark is the most suitable word to describe Allocation's art.
Listen to their songs here: http://allocation.bandcamp.com/
The colored wax is available in Greece by our distro.