SS20 / Fan Zui Xiang Fa
split 7''
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Rico from The 4 Sivits sent me this split a couple of days ago and I'm really happy to review such a nice D.I.Y. record.
SS20 is a band based in Germany, featuring 3 members of the legendary The 4 Sivits. Some of them have also played in bands like Idiot Savant, Tiny Ghosts and Eloquent, as well, so we have to deal with a band with experienced (sic) members in the D.I.Y. hardcore / punk scene!.
The 4 songs they offer here are of heavy and fast hardcore style with some metal and d-beat influences. They sing in German but they also have a song in English; with the ironic title (and lyrics) 'You are more punk than me'. I really like their style. It's heavy and tight and makes you wanna mosh everything around you.
On the other side, Fan Zui Xiang Fa come from Beijing, China and feature an ex-DS 13 member (yeap, the Swedish fast hardcore pioneers). They participate with 3 song (almost all the lyrics in Chinese) of fast and pissed off hardcore / punk music; no metal influences here. I definitely dig them and I dare to say that I enjoyed their songs a little bit more than the SS20 songs. Just a little bit more, don't get me wrong, hehe!
All in all, this is a must have split vinyl! The music is great, the cover is great, there are lyrics in german, english and chinese languages in the booklet; everything is cool!
Ah! I should mention that is record is taken care by the D.I.Y. conspiracy; that means the collaboration of 11 independent distros / labels from all over the world (Malaysia, France, USA, Poland, Germany, Japan and Czech Rep.).