(almost) Saturday, 2nd April
We arrived at the club around 5, unloaded the van, set up the backline, did a short soundcheck and went to eat salty bread & salad baquettes, drink rock star energy drinks with coke and vanilla coke.
I was happy to meet my old buddy Harris (former member of In Full Strength - interviewed in Keep It Real #8, and now playing guitar for Go For It).
Moreover, it seemed kinda difficult to meet Rodrigo / Atlas Losing
Grip in the afternoon, so we arranged to meet after the shows.
The show started a quarter to 9. First were How To Start, old school hc with some modern hc influences. They covered Common Enemy`s One Up. The best German band in the bill today, in my humble opinion. The Hope Of A Blind Man were nex
t; think something like metallic hardcore in the vein of Walls Of Jericho, with a girl growling nicely!
Eternal Hated took the stage around 22.30 and they played a cool yet short set (I really love it when bands play short but tight sets!), consisting of 4 old songs and 3 new ones. They had some problems with the sound in the first couple of songs, but then ev
erything went really great and they managed to unleash their energy, accompanied by stage-dives and fun.
Strength played afterwards; I watched half of their set (that means around 25 minutes) and then went outside to rest in the sofa. Did I tell you that my back is hurting me very much? Getting fucking old...
Yeap, to be honest Strength´s music is not my cup of tea; beatdown hardcore it´s called. They played cool, though. Last were Stay Strong, we had fun but musicwise nothing special, beatdown hardcore once again.

So, after having a falafel and loading the van, we arrived at home around 3 o'clock...It's almost 4 now and we have to wake up at 9 in order to get ready for our long trip to Switzerland. Eternal Hated are playing with Strength and 2 Swiss bands in Bad Ragaz, a city located very very close to the Alps! Our German friends told us that the landscape is amazing, so we can't wait for the roadtrip. To be honest, I'd prefer to sleep some more hours and have a show somewhere nearer, hahaha! Getting old, I told ya!

'Night, night!
A. & Eternal Hated

P.S.1 I fucking hate violent dancing... Moreover, how pathetic are those gym guys that attend hardcore shows just to prove their masculinity??? The hardcore scene has nothing to do with non-tolerant attitude and behavior. Educate yourselves.
P.S.2 Can someone please tell me why all the cute girls are chained to ugly and fucked up boys?!