Friday, 1st April
First of all, let's have an awesome April!
Dude/tte last night we visited one of the most cult / weird metal pubs ever. Ha! The pub is located in Recklinghausen's downtown and its name is something like Mysteria, brrr!

We crashed at bed inside our sleeping bags just around midnight and we woke up just after noon; 12 hours of sleeping, awesome!
We had awesome breakfast and coffee, and we are now (or maybe, to be honest, the rest of the guys are doin' so since I'm updating this blog) loading the van with Strength's backline. The show tonight will start around 8, so as always we have to be there 3-4 hours before; that means anytime soon, hehe!The lineup consists of local legends Strength (all school hc), The Hope Of A Blind Man (female fronted local modern hardcore), Stay Strong (new school hc from Kassel; the hometown of Ryker's and Brightside, hell yeah), plus a new local old school style band called How To Start.
Here's the poster...The show is gonna take place in the basement of a nice club called 1.Klasse Lounge.
Tonight our friends from Atlas Losing Grip from Sweden are playin' in Recklinghausen, as well. It'd be awesome to meet Rodrigo, Stephan and the rest of the guys somewhere in town, can't wait!

Btw, I'm reading this awesome fanzine from Holland, called Jagged Visions. Check out its website to find out what's about; jaggedvisionszine.wordpress.com, Willem, the editor, is kind enough to write a short review about Keep It Real and post a video of Antidrasi, as well!

Last but not least, the weather is cloudy and cold.
We are all fine and we salute you.

Bonus picture from last night's orgy feat. xNikosx: