Censored Sound
Shadows CD
This is finally the new Censored Sound CD, their 5th release since their inception back in the autumn of 2001. Damn, it's been 10 years since the band was formed, and almost 8 since I firstly met the CS guys. Time flies so fast...
'Shadows' is actually their 2nd full length album and, to be honest, I was very curious to listen to how their sound have evolved since their EP 'Feel the pressure'', that was released in 2007. I had the privilige to listen to some of the songs (rough mix) while I was in Jack's (Despite Everything; responsible for the recordings of the vocals & drums of this record) studio a couple of months ago and I was very surprised to find out that the band has changed a bit their style.
Not too much, though, don't worry! They are still focused on the old school hardcore / youth crew sound, dedicated to the American scene of the late 80s / early 90s. They have simply added in their music a strong flavor of modern hardcore, plus some more crusty / punk parts, which I find really interesting and I think that they suit them a lot.
The record includes 15 songs, almost all of them being fast, even though there are a couple of songs that last over 3 minutes. I can definitely claim that my favs are Far Sky Line, Two Months (dedicated to a little kid that recently came in this fucked up world), I Can't Wait and Defrosted.
'Bad luck' features guest vocals by Jack / Despite Everything, while Orestis Vodka Juniors and Germanos XLOS / Vodka Juniors sing in 'A Sinking Ship'.
The lyrics are awesome; both personal and social-political. I definitely dig them and I'm very happy that one more local hardcore / punk band goes political concerning the lyrics...
The production is cool, but I prefer it a bit clearer; the guitar sound is a bit buzzy.
What I do not like a lot is the artwork... I dunno, I just don't like it and I wanna be honest about it, hehe.
All in all, a very nice record that you SHOULD support. The local scene needs releases like 'Shadows'.