Touche Amore
Parting the sea between brightness and me CD / LP
Deathwish Inc.

if actions speak louder than words, i'm the most deafening noise you've heard
i'll be that ringing in your ears that will stick around for years

LA's Touche Amore is one of the most sincere & hardworking hardcore / punk bands nowadays.
With over 300 shows in 3 years, an amazing debut full length (...To the beat of a dead horse) and 2 split 7"s with Make Do And Mend and La Dispute, they have managed to create a dedicated fanbase all over the world and kinda earn a contract with Deathwish Inc.
Their second full length will be released on 7th June, but we have the privilige to review it 2 weeks before, thanks to the Deathwish team that offered this to us.
First of all, I have to write that the album is a bit more straightforward than their previous releases. That's not bad at all, though. The passion, the desperation and the tension are still present here, giving a unique approach in Touche Amore's music.
I dunno if this is called screamo, post-hardcore, emocore or whatever... I can definitely say that this is fucking hardcore / punk played from the heart and fueled with strong emotions.
Touche Amore influences from the 80s DC scene and bands like Rites Of Spring or Embrace, but they have also added a modern touch in their songs, and this aspect makes them different from the majority of the hardcore clones (or maybe clowns) nowadays...

What I like the most is the self liberating feeling that is distinct during their songs, with emotions exposed and frustration unleashed. They really talk to me.
Moreover, the songs last between 1,5 and 2 minutes, so that's a pro as well, since I'm getting bored with long lasting records nowadays...
I dare to say that 'Parting the sea between brightness and me' is one of the best records for the first half of 2011... Get this now.