Dala Sun
Sala dun CD
It's been more than a month since we last updated this blog with a new review... The shame on us, but we were fucking busy with way too many other projects, ya know.
So, many of you probably know that stoner / doom rock is definitely not my cup of tea, but I chose to review Dala Sun's new CD because I'm really into the D.I.Y. ethics of the band and in addition to this, I can undoubtedly say that these kids are dedicated to their style, and that's the most important aspect to me. I dunno how cliche it sounds, but they are fucking true!
Dala Sun (it means something like very sunny weather) is a quartet from Patras city (south Greece) and this is their first effort, released a couple of months ago in CD format featuring awesome artwork. It's impossible not to mention the art part of this release since it's reallyyy crucial! Take a look yourself and let me know.
'Sala dun' includes 8 songs of stoner music with a lot of grunge and doom rock influences.
They add some rock 'n' roll riffs every now & then.
Fans of this kind of music will surely dig this. Even I enjoyed it a lot!
Dala Sun is a DIY band and as they state in their website, they love to play 'in humid roachy basements, or with listeners in autonomous places and squats.'

P.S. You can download their CD from their myspace site. I would recommend you to buy it instead, it'll cost you less than a beer in your favorite bar.