Nowhere fanzine #1
You tell me that I make no difference.
At least I'm fucking trying.
What the fuck have you done?
Minor Threat

So, yeap, it's true. My good friend Lydia has just released the 1st issue of her awesome zine called Nowhere (or Now here). I'm really psyched since we are been talking about this for more than a year. Moreover, I feel a bit a part of this zine since I lived a part of the production of it, plus I have a column, some reviews and some more thoughts inside...
Lydia is a great writer and it's a pity that I didn't ask her to contribute in Keep It Real zine before; the shame on me... I really like the whole atmosphere of the fanzine, the cut & paste layout, the handmade writings and everything. In the era of adobe, it's really vital to have a fanzine reminding you of the good ol' days. It's more personal, more nostalgic, more something, I dunno...
Well, Nowhere #1 includes 92 A5 pages of music & art. You can find everything from poems and columns to illustrations and drawings, and from band interviews to dozens of record reviews. Just for the record, the bands that are interviewed here are My Turn and Blacklisted from Greece, and Bernay's Propaganda from Macedonia.
This is definitely a punk rock zine that all the local scenesters and zine lovers should get.
This scene needs fanzines, so you better start yourself one, too.