Recovery CD
Pee Records
This heart still beats. Unbroken. Unchained.
This heart still beats. Right here. Undetained.

I've been waiting for this impatiently.
Anchor is one of my fav current hardcore bands and I strongly believe that they are one of the most-hardworking and sincere acts that the hardcore / punk scene has to offer.
Hailing from Sweden, they feature members that have done time in bands like Dead Vows, Smackdown, Damage Control, Balance and Set My Path, and they have put out half a dozen of records, including a full length, EPs, split 7"s and a discography CD; all released by various labels from all over the world. Moreover, with an average of almost 100 shows per year, you can definitely consider them as a touring machine...
So, 'Recovery' includes 11 songs of 90s hardcore, a style that Anchor undoubtedly know how to represent. Their music is intense and hard yet emotional. I'd like to add that the new record is more emotional than their previous releases and a bit more 'easy listening' (as 'easy listening' as 90s metallic hardcore can be, hehe!).
'Recovery' includes songs that will stick in your mind and make you grab the mic and sing-along like there's no tomorrow; for example 'Testament' is an awesome, catchy song, while 'No Love', feat. Sean Murphy from Verse, stands the fuck out. 'Hemingway' includes guest vocals by John Hurtig, the singer of Balance, a great Swedish straight edge hardcore band.
Anchor's lyrics are straight to the point, covering social and political issues, with a strong vegan / straight edge attitude. After all, Anchor is an outspoken, political vegan / straight edge band, not fearing to unfold their anarchistic perspectives.
To sum it up, if you are a 'fan' (but what does a fan mean? wrong word...) of Trial, Verse or Have Heart, you should get this record, plus all the Anchor discography.
I've tried a lot of times in the past to bring them over here, in this fucked up place, but it's a pity that I never succeeded. It's a shame that I've never watched them live, as well.
I promise to make amends...
'Recovery' was released in CD format by Pee Records in Australia, Vegan Records in South America and Let It Burn Records in Europe, while the vinyl edition is out by Refuse Records. This review is based on the Australian edition, which is a digipack with a great artwork including quality photos, lyrics etc. The cover breathes fresh air, too...!
I'm also waiting for a bunch of gatefold LPs (incl. 12-pages booklet), so if you need one, hit WAK up.

This heart still beats. To the fullest. Untamed.
This heart still beats. Unrestrained.