Born To Hate
Romper la baraja CD
Cruzade Records | Fragment Music
I'm really happy when womyn are involved in the hardcore scene. It's vital to have more and more womyn participating in the movement in order to throw away its masculine, macho, sexist character that is more than annoying every now & then.
Well, Born To Hate is an all-female hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain, and Romber la baraja ('Break the deck') is their 2nd record, following their MCD that was released 3 years ago.
The record includes 10 songs of furious and heavy hardcore music in the vein of Madball, Death Threat, Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags. You know the deal, NYHC with a lot of breakdowns, aggressive vocals, chorus parts and crushing riffs.
Born To Hate's lyrics are all in spanish (although there are english translations inside the booklet) and cover social / political and personal issues, including patriarchism, relationships, police brutality (their song ACAB is dedicated to the greek riots) and unemployment. I really dig the lyrics because Born To Hate seem to have a really strong attitude and do not circulate around the tough guy infiltrated topics that the majority of the NYHC (and the NYHC influenced) scene does.
The production is good, tight enough to unfold Born To Hate's anger, frustration and will to fight.
Concerning the cover and the whole artwork, I think that they could go something better, though...